Let’s Talk About Alcohol

It wasn’t till a couple years ago, when I had stomach pain for the forth time, that I decided to look at just how much I was drinking. As a univeristy student, the parties, wine nights with the girls, and occasional grabbing drinks with friends were really adding up. So half way through my third year I decided to go cold turkey, and here is what I learned.

It’s Affecting You More Than You Think

I did not realize, till I gave up my vodka cranberries and pinot grigios, just how much my drinking was affecting my lifestyle. My usual groggy Saturday and Sunday mornings turned into vibrant and productive times in my week. As well I stopped craving late night pizzas and greasy hang over food.

More time in my week, meant I had more energy. So naturally I took to the gym. It soon became my new way of blowing off steam after a tough week, rather than having a few drinks.

You Can Still Go Out

True, you may not be feeling quite as bubbly, but the more you go out sober the more comfortable you’ll get. My friend and I use to have sober nights out, we would laugh, dance and sip on our iced waters. Who knew drunken pick up lines are so much funnier when you’re sober.

You’ll Save Money

As a uni student this one really hit home. When I ditched the drinks, my bank account started getting larger. Alcohol isn’t cheap, and drinks can really add up after a night out. Plus with the extra money I was able to splurge elsewhere, like a brand new top.

You Don’t Have To Give Up Alcohol Completely

Drinking is a choice, and sometimes it’s better to think less is more(rather than none at all!). I do now enjoy drinks on occasion but I try to stick to a 2 drink limit for casual nights out. I’ve avoided a lot of early morning headaches this way.


What are your thoughts on drinking?



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