Why or Why Not You Should Sign Up for a Gym Membership

To get a gym membership or not. That is the question.


We have this idea that a gym membership is the only way to a toned and fit body, but it isn’t true. Most of the workouts we do at the gym we can do at home. The bike machine- ride a bike. The treadmill-go for a run. Yet as a self-professed gym lover there’s the reasons why or why not you should invest in a gym membership.

There’s no doubt that if you’re the type of person who loves lifting heavy weights or needs the extra motivation, the gym can provide; the gym may just be the right fit for you. There are a million reasons why to use the gym, you need a place to escape and refocus, or perhaps you live in an extremely cold climate. There’s no way I’m going out for a run at -15˚C (or 5˚F).


There are really only two reasons to not go to the gym.


  1. You won’t use it(or use it enough)
  2. You can’t afford it.


It can be hard to know if you will use a gym membership before you buy one. So simply asking yourself a few questions can get you started. Do you work out now? Is there something there motivating you that you will stick to? Is it a reasonable distance from your house, so it won’t discourage you from going? It’s important to think of these things before signing up and do your research on gym/class options available.


If you find you fit in the second category, don’t be discouraged. There are tons of free workout videos available to get you in tip-top shape. I remember one winter working out to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred using cans of beans instead of weights because I was too broke to afford to purchase a set. Sure, my friends made fun of me, but I was getting fit, and it didn’t cost me a cent!


Ultimately no one but you can decide if purchasing a gym membership is the right thing to do. Remember feeling and financial situations change, so go with what works best for you now. You can always re-evaluate later.


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