The Pursuit of Happiness

I didn’t just decide to be healthy one day, and that was that. It’s a constant journey, I give up some days, backtrack or get lazy, but I keep trying. The American dream is based on the pursuit of happiness. I just have my own definition of what happy and healthy means to me. I sculpted my life to fit my dream. I focused on creating a day to day lifestyle that I love. That nourishes me and fulfills my needs. Sure, I might not be a millionaire(yet!) or be winning a cross fit championship anytime soon. Those aren’t my dream. My dream is to live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body, healthy mind and happy heart.

I started small, doing 10-minute exercise videos. Now I just finished a basketball season, where we won the championship and looking forward to running my first 5k run in the summer. It’s taken time, and consistency to see results. I used to focus on being thin, but now I concentrate on finding activities I love, and the physical results are just an added bonus. Last week I received the biggest compliment when a friend asked me to help her get in shape and lose weight! It’s great to know that my fitness journey has not just helped change my life, but that others are noticing the change and want it for themselves.

The best changes aren’t the physical ones, it’s the change in my perspective. Somehow running a half hour on the treadmill when I thought I would give up, turned to me dedicating myself in other areas of my life. I now look forward to challenges and have faith in my ability to accomplish them. Not to mention the endorphins from working out do not hurt! I have more energy, sleep better and feel a definite increase in my mood. Living a fit and healthy life is an integral part of my personal pursuit of happiness.


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