How Changing One Thing In My Morning Routine Helped Me Lose Weight and Save Money

I am a coffee lover. Since my first sip well I was living abroad in Europe, I was hooked. The warm milk combined with the robust flavor captivated my senses. I quickly became a regular drinker, indulging in a cup once or twice a day. But recently I changed my morning drink, and now my skin is clearer, I feel better, and I even lost a little weight!


Going Green!


My mother has always been a big believer in green tea. She regularly drinks the healthy drink, and first introduced me to the tea as a child. Green tea originated in China and is known for its health benefits which include burning fat. It is a natural source of caffeine but does not contain as much as coffee, good for anyone (who like me) wants to reduce their caffeine intake.


My Morning Routine


My morning routine now always includes a fresh cup(or pot) of green tea! I sip as I eat my breakfast or put on my makeup. My favorite breakfast includes eggs, toast, and avocado. It’s easy to make and cheaper than buying coffee out every morning. 


The Actual Cost


A cup of coffee can cost anywhere from $1.50 to $5 depending on your choice of coffee shop and drink preference. If you’re like me and should have dairy substitutes the cost can be even higher. So instead of spending $45-$150 dollars a month for a daily cup of brew, I buy boxes of green tea. A box usually costs about $2.50 and lasts for weeks. 


I Am Still A Coffee Lover


I have to admit I still love coffee, just not every day. I enjoy a cup a few times a week as a treat. Well, I do on occasion crave coffee, I now cannot go a morning without a cup of green tea. I feel better overall and my body thanks me! 


What is your morning drink of choice?


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