Why Adapting The 4-6 Lifestyle Changed My Workout Routine For the Better

We’ve all heard of working 9 to 5. Or eat 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. So, you may be wondering what the 4-6 lifestyle is. It is a method I’ve created of setting high and low goals for my weekly workouts. By setting a realistic and an idealistic standard, I can feel accomplished even on the weeks I don’t make it to every workout. Yet I can still push myself to achieve the higher goal. It allows for the flexibility of a hectic lifestyle, and the best part is you get to choose the numbers that are right for you. 


How It Works


Start by picking a goal number of days a week to workout. Mine is 6(can’t forget to include a rest day). Within those workouts, I rotate between, classes, recreational sports, cardio and weight training. Some weeks, one of those days includes a night out dancing(minus the drinks!) Once you’ve decided a good goal number, the next step is to choose a smaller number.


This number is for the weeks your super hectic and don’t have a lot of extra time. When I’m incredibly busy, traveling or during exam time, my number often shrinks to 3 rather than 4. The idea is to pick an achievable number of days to work out. That way, you have a goal to reach, and still, feel accomplished even at your busiest times. 


The Benefits Of Adapting This Lifestyle


There are a lot of benefits to this lifestyle. My top three are:

1.     Clear Goals

2.     Relaxed Attitude

3.     Setting realistic standards without underestimating your abilities


Changing It Up


The best part of this lifestyle is finding fun active activities to fill the time with. Well, I keep a regular cardio and weight training routine, with goals on improvement. I also find time during the week to squeeze in activities such as dancing, playing basketball or going for a bike ride. They’re even better when they include friends. 


My Number is 4-6


What’s your (workout) number?


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