The Happy Fitness Diaries: Getting Started

I’ll always remember Elle Woods Iconic line, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t kill their husbands.” (Legally Blonde, 2001). Well, Elle Woods fierce determination and peppy attitude might have gotten her to law school. I’m kicking my fitness routine into high gear to change my life.


Well, my health and fitness journey started a little over a year ago as some needed therapy after a bad breakup. We’re constantly bombarded with the message that health and fitness are just for losing weight and looking great. Well, those are great motivators this blog is dedicated to living a happier, healthier and fuller life! 


Get Fit!

Exercise has been a significant component of the last year of my life, I can tell you the changes aren’t just looking better. I sleep better, have more energy and a new-found determination and self-confidence. Somehow sticking to a half hour on the treadmill helps me push through the hard moments in my life. Or even late night struggles to finish a university paper. 

I would be lying if I didn’t mention the physical changes. My waist is 2.5 inches smaller and continuing to shrink. I have lost weight, although I don’t weigh myself regularly and refuse to own a scale. However, I do measure myself from time to time, to check my progress. Losing weight is just a nice side effect of a healthier lifestyle. 

The Promise  

It’s impossible not to fall off the wagon sometimes (particularly around exam time). I’m dedicating myself to stay on track with my health and fitness. That means dedicating time to working out, trying new things and setting and reaching personal goals. Of course, the main goal is to enjoy the experience so here are some of the way I stay on track. 


1.     One fun only fitness day

That means something I love. Dancing, basketball, and hiking are just a few!

2.     Setting Seasonal Challenges!

Setting goals by the seasons give me a clear time marker and pushes me to work harder.

3.     Changing it Up!

Keeping things fresh, keeps me motivated.

4.     Rewarding Myself

My favorite rewards are kale smoothies and buying new clothes!

5.     The 4-6 Rule! 

 More on this later!!


The Challenge


            Well, I’m challenging myself to fit a healthy lifestyle into a busy and hectic schedule. I challenge you to come along for the run! What fun fearless fitness activity do you want to try first?


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